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Teen Writers Critique Group

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    GalaxyFest 2012


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    GalaxyFest 2012

    Post by Maris on Sun Sep 25, 2011 11:47 am

    GalaxyFest 2012
    Short Story Contest


    * To search for new writers and stories.
    * To promote GalaxyFest 2012
    * To promote the Colorado Literacy Foundation

    Eligibility: All writers are welcome to submit. Entrants may be previously published or unpublished. Submissions must be unpublished original works.

    Categories: Entrants may enter one or more submissions in the following genres: Science Fiction, SteamPunk, Fantasy, or Horror. Note: cross categories are permissible, e.g. Mystery-Science Fiction

    Guidelines: Submissions must follow these guidelines or will be rejected without refund.

    * Word length must be less than 3,000 words.
    * Submission must be final version. Grammar, spelling, and/or obvious errors will result in premature rejection.
    * Submission must be ‘R’ rating or below.

    File Formatting:

    * Document must be RTF format
    * Only include the actual story, (no author or title information)
    * Single spaced
    * No leading spaces or tabs
    * Left justification
    * One-inch margins
    * Courier or Times New Roman 12-point
    * Underline, bold, and italics can be used

    If published, document will be reformatted to match layout of book.

    Entry fee: There is NO entry fee required.

    Submission Process: Electronic submissions only. In the email, please include

    * Author’s Real name, Author’s publish name (nom de plume), real address, phone number, contact email.
    * 200 word bio written in 3rd person.
    * 300dpi (min) Black/White photo (or avatar) for the bio page in the book and program and website.
    * A statement saying you have rights to use the photograph and assign rights to us for the purpose opf publishing and marketing the submission.
    * Attach each submission as a separate file.
    * For each submission:
    o Submission title
    o Short Synopsis of story
    o Target Audience
    o Genre
    * eMail all of the above to GalaxyFest Submission Manager

    Deadline: Entries must be received by GalaxyFest Submission Manager no later than midnight MST, September 30, 2011.

    Finalists will be contacted and receive feedback no later than October 31, 2011.

    Finalists may incorporate the preliminary judges’ feedback and resubmit the revised version by November 30, 2011. If no revision is received the original work will be used for final judgement.

    Winners will be publicly announced at GalaxyFest! Feb 24-26, 2012. (Winners will be notified ahead of time, and need not attend GalaxyFest.)

    Contact: Any questions or concerns may be sent to Submission Manager.


    * All entries will receive feedback from professional writers/authors/editors/publishers.
    * Submissions not selected for final judging will be placed in a drawing for a professional editing critique.
    * Winners will be published in an anthology and will receive a complimentary copy.
    * Winners will be announced at GalaxyFest during opening ceremonies, and if present winner may stand up or come up on stage.
    * Copies of the anthology will be sent to several reviewers and copies of the reviews will be sent to the winners.
    * Winners may purchase copies at a significant discount.

    Judging Process:

    * Validation: Submission Manager will verify all guidelines and payment has been met. A cross refernce index will be created and each submission will be identified by an entry number. No judge will have access to any author information/title to prevent bias.
    * Preliminary: Submission will be sent to three (3) random judges. Judges will notate and comment on the work and score the submission.
    o The top scores will move on to the final judging round (the actual number will depend on the number of entries with a minimum of 10% or 40 submissions–whichever is greater)
    o If your submission is not accepted, you will receive an email back along with the comments of at least three (3) judges. These submissions will also be placed in a drawing for a professional editing critique.
    o Those selected will receive feedback by October 31, 2011 and may revise their submission and return by November 30, 2011.
    * Final submissions will be judged by a different set of writers/authors/editors/publishers.
    * Each round only the top scored submissions will move on to the next judge.
    * Those dropped will receive final feedback and notification.
    * Winners of each round will continue the judging/feedback process until only 10 remain.
    * These ten (10) will be published in the anthology in order of rank. Ties will be selected randomly. Winners will be notified by January 31, 2012. Winners will be publicly announced at GalaxyFest 2012 and promoted on the website. Winners will receive their copy at GalaxyFest, or it will be mailed after the event.


    The preliminary round will be evaluated by three random judges.
    A minimum of 10% (or 40 whichever is greater) of all entries will move on to the finalists’ round.
    Finalists’ entries will be judged by another set of professional writers, editors, and publishers.

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