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    Just some background information on Eli and Clare ;D


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    Just some background information on Eli and Clare ;D

    Post by Hailey on Mon Sep 26, 2011 3:53 am

    Ok, so A LOT of you have been asking questions regarding Eli and Clare's age, personality, etc. I also think this will help give a better understanding of the characters in my FanFiction.

    SO we'll begin with Clare. She is extremely... passionate (is that the right word xD) about the things she believes in. She was raised as a Christian, often being made fun of (In a very joking manner, mind you) by Eli. She did strongly believe in abstinence but the "Strongly" part of that is no longer there. I will explain why in a minute. Clare is in 12th grade honors English, even though she is only in 11th. Many people would describe her as a saint, good-girl, obedient, etc. Well... before she met Eli anyway. xD
    (And holy goodness muffins. I just realized how similar Clare and I are. Now may I have my Eli? Thank-you!)

    Now Eli... oh where to start. Sexy. Definitely very sexy. (Proven by not only Clare, but Imogen and Julia too ;D) He is extremely sarcastic and witty. He's been described as an "amazing writer who pulls from his emotional traumas". As always, I changed the storyline in my FanFiction. Julia actually died BEFORE Clare and Eli even knew each other existed. It was not told whether she was pregnant or not, but many people assume it is, as Eli is very touchy on the subject of sex and Julia. It is confirmed that they had been sexually active before her death. Eli confuses me, because he uses huge words, which I must dictionary sometimes. He's admitted that writing was his only escape from Julia's death.

    Now their relationship. In the show, they did NOT know each other their whole lives like in my FanFiction. They met when Clare was in 10th grade and Eli in 11th. At first, they had an I-hate-your-guts-but-I-want-to-make-out-with-you-right-now sort of relationship. They actually met after Eli run over Clare's glasses, which she no longer needed. It was actually their writing that pulled them together, however. They were chosen to be editors for each other. Clare was obviously NOT thrilled about it, and Eli's emotions were unclear. It was kind of obvious he worshipped her from an early start. When they ended up getting together, Eli still wasn't over Julia completely. He admitted, however, that he wanted to be with Clare more than anything. After meeting Eli's parents for the first time, (Eli's dad obviously inquiring he wanted grandchildren at some point XD) Clare and Eli talk privately about the issue. Eli tells her that Julia and him had sex many times, to which Clare begins to get worried. She reminds him that she isn't having sex until she's married, and then asks Eli if it bothers him. Eli replies with, "Clare, it's not my favorite thing, but that’s the way it HAS to be. No exceptions." (Which I found adorable. Eli is an atheist, which sometimes throws Clare and him on different pages. The fact that he doesn't care that he has to wait so long is amazing.)

    This is where it starts getting complicated. Eli almost gets killed in the place of Clare, (2nd saddest scene of Degrassi EVER) but ends up actually dodging the knife, just as the police show up. That's how the season ended (F U DEGRASSI FOR SCARING THE CRAP OUT OF ME, BY THE WAY!!!)

    After that, their relationship became based mainly on their writing together. Clare watched her family fall apart, and getting even more frustrated decides that all her commitments are not worth it. She goes to Eli's house and tells him she wants to have sex. Eli knows she’s just confused, so her offers to take her home. Finally they work that out, Clare eventually thanking him for not going to bed with her.
    Skip a few lovely episodes; they begin to have space issues. Clare tells him to back off, and as soon as he does, they get their first writing published. Eli still struggles to not try and be with her every second, but does improve. Clare talks to her friend Alli, who is completely against her dating of Eli. Alli tells her to end things and as soon as Clare does, Eli shattered. Long story short, he crashed his hearse into a wall to make her HAPPY and then it is shown Clare in the hospital crying. She walks in to see Eli and she gets very upset. She yells at him and implies that, "You're such an idiot! YOU COULD HAVE KILLED YOURSELF!" And to that, Eli just smiles and said, "But it's worth it, because you're here." Clare gets furcated and leaves. That's the end of that season. (1st saddest scene)

    Well the previous season, Clare has claimed to have, "moved on". She is dating Jake, an old family friend. When her mom tells her that Jake's dad and Clare's mom are getting married. Jake ends things.

    MEANWHILE, Eli is back at school completely recovered. He is chosen to write the school play. Long story short, Clare thought the play was aimed to make her look like a monster for leaving him. Eli convinces her to just read it. The next day Clare walks up to him in a dark room and the conversion was: "I read your play." Eli replies with, "And?" Hoping she approves. Clare whispers to him, "It's beautiful. You made Clara (her character) the hero." Eli studies her, leans back and says with a warm and loving smile, "That's because she really is." The end of the play, it is describing how happy endings don't exist. A few lines impair that Eli is still in love with Clare. He's in the hall-way about to go home and Clare just runs over and hugs him. She smiles and steps away to let him walk out to his dad's car. The last scene of that season, Eli is walking down the hall-way and Clare is watching from behind mouthing, "I love you."

    And now I’m waiting for next season. These two are my favorite couple and I don't know why. They're just so... I don't know.

    Well anyway here is Eli:

    And Clare:

    Them both:

    Hope this clears some things up.

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    Re: Just some background information on Eli and Clare ;D

    Post by Emma on Mon Sep 26, 2011 2:24 pm

    Okay, this helps a lot!! Thanks Hailey Smile
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    Re: Just some background information on Eli and Clare ;D

    Post by Mac on Tue Sep 27, 2011 10:12 pm

    Thanks Hailey! Very Happy

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    Re: Just some background information on Eli and Clare ;D

    Post by Tia on Fri Oct 07, 2011 5:58 pm

    Thanks Hailey! This helps Very Happy

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    Re: Just some background information on Eli and Clare ;D

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