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    A little bit of Drama


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    A little bit of Drama Empty A little bit of Drama

    Post by dotandscribble on Sun Oct 16, 2011 11:57 am

    ok this is a bit weird but bare with me. It might work for you or not but I find it really helpful for some of the more emotive stuff.

    Basically, I took GCSE drama and part of the course was on Stanislavski, particularly his ten commandment's and drawing on past experiences. You use it to make your performance more realistic etc and a few weeks later I ended up using it on a piece of writing and found it really helped.

    The past experiences thing is where you close your eyes and remember an experience where you were feeling angry etc. You then focus on this until you can expand on this. its particularly good for somehting you've never experienced but want to write about. For example, I've never been sold into slavery but I do not what it feels like to be abandoned, betrayed so I can use this to portray what the character is feeling .

    "Emotion memory
    Stanislavski's 'system' focused on the development of artistic truth onstage by teaching actors to "experience the part" during performance. Stanislavski hoped that the 'system' could be applied to all forms of drama, including melodrama, vaudeville, and opera. He organised a series of theatre studios in which young actors were trained in his 'system.' At the First Studio, actors were instructed to use their own memories in order to express emotion.
    Stanislavski soon observed that some of the actors using or abusing this technique were given to hysteria. He began to search for more reliable means to access emotion, eventually emphasizing the actor's use of imagination and belief in the given circumstances of the text rather than her/his private and often painful memories."

    As for the ten commandments, it is asking question such as;
    where have i (the character) just come from?
    where am i going?
    what is my motive?
    What is my immediate goal/ dream?
    What is my long term goal/ dream?
    etc etc

    So you may find this completely unhelpful or not. Either way, have a go, google it, research it.

    But now i need to stop getting distracted by this site and crack on with the mountain of college work I have to get through before i can even consider writing!

    Kelly Smile
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    A little bit of Drama Empty Re: A little bit of Drama

    Post by Mac on Sun Oct 16, 2011 1:39 pm

    Thanks Kelly! I heard about those 10 commandments in Drama before. I'll try and use that in my novel as I have many MANY scenes where that'd be really handy!

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    A little bit of Drama Empty Re: A little bit of Drama

    Post by Joce on Mon Oct 17, 2011 8:08 pm

    Hmm.. that is a good idea.

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    A little bit of Drama Empty Re: A little bit of Drama

    Post by Tia on Fri Oct 21, 2011 6:33 pm

    It should help me out too. I've got loads of stuff that I've never experienced before in my book, and they're all important and need to turn out as close to perfect as they can get. Anyway, I'll try it out, and tell you how it goes. Thanks Kelly! Very Happy

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    A little bit of Drama Empty Re: A little bit of Drama

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