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    For the Harry Potter fans....


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    For the Harry Potter fans.... Empty For the Harry Potter fans....

    Post by dotandscribble on Sat Jan 21, 2012 11:13 am

    so i finally did the unthinkable and picked up my laptop last night and started wriiiiting Very Happy i got this chapter of one of my fanfics online and I have a second to tweak this morning before i head off to work.

    I've posted the chapter below but if any of you want to see it in context (ie with the rest of the story since this is chapter 15!) I'll post the link:


    Rose stood in front of her wardrobes, nursing a large cup of coffee and an intense hangover. Despite her protests of having to work in the morning, the new day had been well under way before she had finally made it into her own bed. Her friends had gradually said their goodbyes until only Scorpius and her herself had remained when they had decided to stagger back to her own apartment. After all, it was closest and neither of them were in any state to apparate. And if she was to be honest, she got the impression Scorp hadn’t really fancied seeing Meg, who had spent most of the night sporting the foulest, and most petulant, scowl Rose had seen since leaving Hogwarts.

    The two women had never gotten on too well, each of them wary of the other. Rose couldn’t stand her demanding and childlike behaviour when it came to her boyfriend. She couldn’t shake the feeling that Meg was with him because he was a Malfoy and likely to attract the attention. Admittedly they did make a good looking couple, with Meg’s preened image and the way Scorpius seemed to grow into his striking features on a daily basis. The media loved them; the Malfoy wonders beautiful girl and break from his family’s less honourable traditions had caused quite a stir. Not that Meg seemed to do anything. From what Rose could tell, her job was ensuring she was perfectly groomed at all hours. And making things difficult for the man she ‘loved’, of course.

    But Scorpius likes her, Rose reminded herself, it’s not your place to judge...

    She could help herself though. She had born witness to countless arguements between the pair and heard of hundreds more. Poor Scorpius was spreading himself far too thin trying to please. What with his medical training and commitments with the media, the unfortunate guy was always so busy but he never failed to make the effort when it came to Meg. Even if he had to race from the night shift, he made every brunch, lunch and dinner date she made with the pompous socialites Meg called her friends. Not that it was ever enough. She moaned until he brought her flowers, simpered until he dropped everything to run to her and cried in that pathetic, snivelly way she had if she didn’t get what she wanted. Rose knew she would have made a fuss about tonight, claiming she was too tired to spend the night with people who ignored her, who had never really liked her. The girl must be clueless if she hadn’t worked out why she had yet to win the approval of Scorpius’ best friends.

    Rose ran her hands along the hangers, trying to pick out a half decent outfit for the pointless interview she had scheduled this morning without accounting for the pretty awful headache she was trying to ignore. It was the last thing she wanted to be doing right now but she had long since given up moaning about it; it had been a part of her life for so long now she could barely imagine what it would be like to not have her every move analysed by the wizarding community. Not that she didn’t wonder sometimes. Occasionally, when she was alone or stressed, she would think about how different things could have been if she hadn’t been born a Weasley. Would she have met someone? What job would she have been doing? Maybe, she could have found a place in the country, got a dog, not had to worry about privacy charms or interviews or ‘exclusive access. She wouldn’t have been obligated to sit through lengthy meals or nod with a forced interest to the drawl of the dullest politicians. Even better, she could have spent her morning cocooned in her duvet rather than dragging it to this stupid interview at such an ungodly hour.

    With a sigh , she pulled two dresses from the rail and laid them on the bed before her, trying to decide which one would be more appropriate. Pulling the first over her head, she scanned the reflection in front of her before crinkling her nose in disgust. Nope. She changed it for the second, before throwing that one to the floor beside the first. Rose could tell it was going to be one of those days. Her head hurt, she felt gross and nothing quite looked right. All she wanted was to throw on some sweats and spend the day collapsed on her couch. She recrossed the room, now only clad in her underwear and angrily rifled through her clothes, as if they were to blame for the foul mood she was in. How was it that all the clothes she actually liked had magically disappeared?! Or was it just that right now she liked nothing? She didn’t know, nor did she really care. She was seriously considering calling and postponing – something she made a habit of never doing - when she heard the gravelly voice from her doorway.

    “Drink this,” he said, making his way towards her, “it’ll help with that headache,”
    Rose scowled at her best friend but took the hangover potion from him anyway, knowing it was one thing Scorpius was brilliant at concocting. She downed it in one, before setting the vial on her dresser and taking in the dishevelled man crossing her bedroom. Without a word, he opened the bottom drawer in her dresser and drew out the clean clothes he kept there for situations just like this.

    “You heading in the shower?” she asked, hanging up the dresses she had thrown to the floor as she did so. She heard him murmur his assent, knowing he knew his way around her apartment well enough to find everything he would need. Rose was concentrating on her wardrobes when he called over his shoulder.

    “Rose? Wear the blue dress.”

    if anyone has any questions about it ask away guys!

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