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Teen Writers Critique Group

Teen Writers Critique Group

    SciFi/Fantasy/Horror-Liquid Imagination: The Dave Farland Kick Contest


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    SciFi/Fantasy/Horror-Liquid Imagination: The Dave Farland Kick Contest

    Post by Joce on Sun Aug 07, 2011 12:33 am

    Short Stories (2,000-5,000 words)

    From the site:

    New York Times Bestselling author David Farland will promote the top 3 contestants for this contest at his pro-website. Prize money: 1st place is $50; 2nd place is $35; 3rd place is $15. Writers will use Farland’s advice from his newsletter which is easily accessed and categorized at Liquid Imagination. Sign up for Farland’s newsletter today, change the world tomorrow.

    ◦1st place: $50
    ◦2nd place: $35
    ◦3rd place: $15.
    ◦The winning stories will be published at (http://www.liquid-imagination.com) Liquid Imagination.
    ◦The winners' essays will be posted on David Farland's site, with a link to their story at Liquid Imagination.


    ◦Short Story:
    ■Slipstream, fantasy, science fiction or horror
    ■2000 min to 5000 max word count
    ■No simultaneous submissions or reprints allowed for the contest.

    ◦Cover Letter: Include short essay and bio in cover letter.
    ■Short Essay:
    ■Sign up for David Farland's "Daily Kick" or read some of his "Kicks" at Liquid Imagination
    ■Contestants must use David Farland's "Daily Kick" to influence or improve their stories.
    ■Contestants must identify exactly which "Daily Kick" from David Farland they used. Include the title of the "Kick" and the date.
    ■Contestants must write a short essay (50 to 100 words max) stating how their selected Daily Kick was used, and how it changed/influenced their story.
    ■Entering the contest implies consent for David Farland to use the short essay to promote the Daily Kick.
    ■Contestants must include a brief (50 to 100 words) bio.

    ◦Contest entry deadline is August 8, 2011 at 11:59PM Eastern Time.
    ◦Winning stories will be announce approximately one month later. We plan to publish the winning stories in the August 2011 Issue of Liquid Imagination Online.

    ◦Extra line between paragraphs
    ◦One-inch margins
    ◦No headers or footers included in document, no page numbers
    ◦Include author's name, email address, and the story's word count in the upper left hand corner of only the first page.
    ◦RTF, DOC or DOCX formats only

    ◦Submit your story, with your essay and bio in the cover letter at the Farland Kick Online Submission Site

    ◦By submitting this story, the author warrants and represents that the story is original and has never been published and has never been in the public domain, and that the author has all rights to the story, and that the story does not contain libelous material or material copyrighted by another party.
    ◦For winning stories, the author will grant Liquid Imagination First North American Serial Rights and Exclusive Electronic Rights for 18 months after publication, and non-exclusive world electronic rights to indefinitely archive the work online or in an electronic downloadable version of the online magazine.
    ◦For all non-winning stories, all rights revert to the author upon announcement of the winners.

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