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    Post by Hailey on Sun Jan 08, 2012 10:24 pm

    *Comes out from under rock*
    Anyone remember me?

    I've been busy? Want to know my excuses?

    - Rodeo season starts back up in February
    - The horse i'm rodeoing i've been jumping
    - I haven't even begun practicing barrel with her
    - I have work
    - Constant vet checks
    - English exams today
    - Dance has started back up
    - 8 Competitions spread out over 4 days
    - My boyfriend and I have been practicing 400 times a week on our routines
    - Going on dates with the boyfriend and friends (I actually have a social life!)
    - Recovering from falling 6 times in 2 days (read below)
    - Helping my friend and uncle break a wild horse
    - School
    - Sleep (Only 4 hours a day now, sadly. D:)
    - Swim practice
    - Working out
    - Trail riding
    - Making Graphics

    See! I'm bussyyy.

    Want to hear the falling six times?

    Well I am riding a thoroughbred mare named ginger. Her back is 2 inches above my hea and i'm 5'4. I'll post a picture of her in a minute. I decided I was going to take her out and jump. Well she was in heat and PMSing. So, my stupid ass decides to jump her anyway. I set up a jump (About 2 feet) and point her to it. She gets close then slams on her breaks. I come off over her head, land on my shoulder and flip OVER the jump. Well. I got back on try it again and she throws me again. Just less painfully.
    So I give up on jumping and decide to run her on barrels. She does great, we get to third and she randomly switches leads, shoulders the barrel and takes off. I end up on top of he barrel.
    The next day I get on my old lesson horse with no tack (No saddle, bridle or anything) and i'm galloping around the pasture and Buddy trips and I come off into a ditch.
    It's been months since i've ridden fat thing. I get fed up of waiting for that baby to come. I was just gonna sit on her a few minutes....
    Until she turned into a NFR bronc, with me on her bareback and bridless.

    I've already had a bad past two days, but my friend invites me over to ride. I went over to Hannah's farm. She has goats, cows and horses. (And a ginny whatever the heck that is?) and she has like a gazzilion acres of just wide open pasture. Well... you get two barrel racers on two horses and a lot of land we're gonna go for it! So we decided to gallop them full out across the pasture. Hannah's saddle starts to slide and she can't get her horse to stop, I loose both my stirrups and they run full out RIGHT next to a fence then slide to a stop. We both kinda come off. xD

    SO THAT'S how you fall off 6 times in 2 days. Very Happy

    I don't suggest trying it.

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